Big, beautiful skies in the Outer Hebrides

Dawn over hills of South Uist 281214Sometimes the sky in the Outer Hebrides is so big that it almost swallows up the land, even the biggest mountains.  Sometimes too the sun colours the sky, at unexpected moments.  Here the sun is rising on a December morning beyond the hills of South Uist.  The largest of these hills is Beinn Mhor so how big is the sky? This is the magic of the islands in that quiet spot in life between Christmas and New Year.

South Uist is a gentle long lush island. A wide strip of beautiful soft machair fringed by dunes of variable height runs alongside the Atlantic, the west side of the island. The eastern horizon is dominated by mountains set in a wide moor. Of those mountains the three peaks Hecla (606 m), Beinn Corradail (537 m) and Beinn Mhor (620 m) provide a picture post card crescendo to the drama of South Uist’s hills. Townships dot the machair from Iochdar in the north to Smeircleit in the south. In the middle is Howmore, a convenient and historic staging post with its thatched house Hostel. The influence of the Atlantic is constant from sea breezes, the noise of its pitch and swell and the smell of seaweed.  p 173 The Outer Hebrides The Timeless Way